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Modern Bride: How to Choose The Right Wedding Dress

Girls dream of putting on a beautiful wedding dress and heading to it under the crown. But which dress to choose for the wedding? What are they getting married now? What is relevant, and what happened and fashion? I'll tell you now!

Open shoulders

Feminine, tender, romantic and sexy. Before deciding on such a dress, test underwear! This is a must before buying.

* If you have magnificent forms, think. An open dress does not always sit on a large chest.

Floral Appliques

Most often located on top: in the cups, on the chest, back or waist. They add romance to the image and a certain audacity. It looks insanely beautiful!

appliques sweetheart wedding dress

Sheer fabric

One of the general trends that has gone over to bridal fashion. Sheer sleeves and capes, a neckline and backs are a good solution for a wedding in the cold season.

sheer wedding dress


The hottest trend. It differs from the standards established in Russian society, so it will make a lot of noise. Be careful and warn granny. You can take a valerian for her - the celebration will be held tipsy.

Boho Style

One of the most beautiful trends. At the same time an elegant and playful look. Suitable for girls who hate boats. Take the Cossacks, a hat of milk color and go! Such an image can be used for a wedding photo shoot if it is held on another day.

lace beach wedding dress


A simple and concise dress that emphasizes your dignity. There are no unnecessary decorative elements on it: only natural silk, a pair of buttons and a neat bow on the neck or side.

simple wedding bridal dress

Layer skirt

Lush, but at the same time not a woman on the cake. Such a skirt is the embodiment of the princess outfit that girls dream about.

layered wedding dress